Google Maps 2.0 Finally Arrives, Brings The Service To iPad

Google has finally rolled out version 2.0 of Google Maps, equipping the new version with a number of new features. The new version also comes with iPad compatibility, bringing the service to the tablet for the first time. Among the new features are the ability to get live traffic updates, event reports as well as indoor maps.


The notable features of Google Maps 2.0 are briefly reviewed below.

Explore option is incredibly useful if you are traveling in a new place. On a touchscreen, you can pull down the Explore panel which will then provide you with five options, namely Eat, Drink, Shop, Play and Sleep. As you click on any of these options, Maps returns any related locations nearby.

Indoor Maps:
One of the coolest new features in Google Maps is the ability to get detailed directions, even when within a building, provided the floor plans of that building are available with the Maps. While this feature may not seem too relevant at most of the times, it can be immensely useful at huge places such as airports and malls where you often need to find directions.

Live Traffic updates:
If you are in a rather crowded urban center, you can truly appreciate this feature. Many of us have experienced unexpected delays due to congested traffic at one of the roads. With the new Google Maps, you can get live traffic updates, thus avoiding being stuck in the endless honking of countless cars at a rush hour.

Traffic updates

Courtesy: CNET

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