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Backupify announces CloudSight Search, the first searchable archive solution for social media and google apps.CloudSight Search gives you instant and unified access to email and social networking archives.This unified search service to leverage backups to quickly locate, download and restore data across multiple cloud accounts……..

Backupify, the leading provider of online backup, archiving and export services for cloud-based data announced the private beta launch of CloudSight Search, the industry’s first unified search and archiving service for cloud computing. CloudSight Search enables Backupify users to quickly locate data across multiple cloud services and to analyze, download and restore items to their original location. The service supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps and other popular services managed by Backupify. Access to the CloudSight Search private beta program is limited.

“Emerging social search engines are exciting but limited in that they only let you locate information – not restore it if it was deleted or view it if your cloud service is unavailable” “Emerging social search engines are exciting but limited in that they only let you locate information – not restore it if it was deleted or view it if your cloud service is unavailable,” said Rob May, Co-Founder and CEO, Backupify. “CloudSight Search from Backupify is the first service of its kind that gives you the ability to not only find information across the social sphere, but also interact with, and restore it when necessary.”

Currently in beta, CloudSight Search will be available to Backupify users and will be active once their initial backups occur. The service provides an intuitive search interface for locating data across all services and filtering results based on keyword, by date, and by service type. CloudSight Search spans all cloud services to give users quick access to the information they’re looking for, whether it is stored in a Gmail message, in a Flickr photo comment or on a Facebook Fan Page. Resulting items are displayed, by priority in real time allowing the user to view, download or restore them to their original location.

For businesses, CloudSight Search offers powerful data management capabilities that solve critical problems encountered by the increasing amount of corporate data moving to the cloud. The service gives social media and compliance professionals an automated audit trail of customer-facing corporate online communications across all major social media and cloud platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail. Also, Google Apps domain administrators can use CloudSight Search to query the archives of all their users. In the case data was deleted, CloudSight Search can make it even easier for the IT professional to restore the document on behalf of a Google Apps user.For consumers, CloudSight Search provides a comprehensive view of one’s online life, making it easy to locate pictures, online conversations with friends, documents and more, across any number of photo-sharing sites, Web-based email accounts and social media sites.
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