Bang With Friends Launches Special SXSW Page

A significant number of technology journalists are present at the SXSW event this year, naturally there to cover tech analysis from experts and such. The team behind ‘Bang With Friends‘ seem to be using the occasion to help SXSW attendees hook up with each other and have…fun.

Bang With SXSW

The regular version of BWF lets people hook up with their friends or contacts on Facebook. First, the person who is ‘Down’ for hooking up sends an expression of interest to another person – if the other person also expresses interest, he/she gets to know about the first person and thus, they hook up.

In the case of the SXSW event, BWF has launched a different landing page titled ‘Bang with SXSW’ where attendees can, again, connect via Facebook and see which of the other attendees are down for some banging and hook up with them.

It is certainly a marketing move, but a clear one still. BWF folks know that the most prominent tech media entities are well represented at the SXSW event each year. And so, it has apparently used the occasion to not only register the presence of the app, but also to dish out somewhat of a goodie pack to the attendees to score more points.

Not only that, BWF is also partnering with MakeLoveNotPorn’s Cindy Gallop, who will be speaking at a discussion during the event. We are expecting that during her talk, the mention of BWF will inevitably come up and the app may enjoy yet more limelight.

Source: SXSW Bang With Friends

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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