Bing Apparently Testing ‘Subjectship’ In Its Search Results

For long, Google has used its authorship feature to show the images of authors of different stories besides the link to these stories in search results. Bing has yet to roll out a similar feature, but it now seems that Bing plans to take thing even further and introduce the ‘subjectship’ feature.

Bing Subjectship

Google essentially displays only the images of the authors who wrote a given article, when showing the search results. We had been expecting that Bing may roll out such a feature, but that hasn’t happened so far.

However, a more intriguing feature has been spotted by different users when using Bing. When trying to search up a query, a story or a person, Bing dishes out a number of search results. And in the links of these search results, the search engine displays the images of people who are the ‘subject’ of that story. This means that as opposed to Google’s ‘authorship’, Bing is testing its hands at ‘subjectship.’

What is even more interesting about this ‘subjectship’ feature is that in some cases, Bing is able to display the image of a ‘subject’ even if that person’s image is not available on the link itself. This is quite new and points to the possibility that Bing is creating a Subject Database so that it can link the images of different subjects to stories about them, even if the landing links do not contain the images.

If Bing indeed rolls out such a feature eventually, it would be very interesting. For the moment, the search engine seems to be testing it out on a limited scale.

Courtesy: Search Engine land

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