Dotcom Proposes Free Broadband For New Zealanders

Kim Dotcom seems to have a lot of interesting ideas up his sleeve. While he has recently launched a new cloud service called ‘Mega’, he is now eyeing the $400 million cable project for New Zealand. The project would significantly bring down costs of broadband in New Zealand while at the same time, bolstering bandwidth.

Kim Dotcom

The project is called ‘Project Fiber’ and envisions to build a 12,950 km line of fiber cable between Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles. In the past, the founder of ‘Trade Me’, Sam Morgan had tried to secure enough funds for this mega-project but he failed to do so and have to give up on it.

Dotcom is apparently trying to revive the project and he may succeed since he is offering to partially fund the project through his own company Moreover, Dotcom says that once the project completes, he would offer free internet access services for individual customers and will charge a small fee from businesses and government.

Dotcom says that with higher speeds and lower charges, the IT industry can attract a lot of international investment. According to him, “You have clean and cheap energy here. Power is becoming the biggest cost factor for data centres around the world. With its own cable, cheap power and connectivity New Zealand could attract foreign internet business.”

His plans have resounded with a number of notable personalities in New Zealand. The Communications and IT spokesperson for Labour Party in New Zealand, Clare Curran, has backed Dotcom in a recent statement, “The sentiment is right. Kiwi businesses, particularly in the technology sector, have been calling for a second cable for some time now. Their concerns need to be taken seriously.”

Source: NZ Herald

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