Dotcom Unveils Megaupload Sequel: A User Controlled, Encrypted Cloud System

Around five hours ago, Kim Dotcom, founder of the shuttered file-sharing site Megaupload, has unveiled a splash page of his next project – Mega. The user controlled, browser encrypted cloud system seems to have drawn enough attention before its formal launch. The teaser page drew so much traffic that the servers got overloaded almost instantly.  “This must be the biggest launch of a splash page ever. It’s not even the final site yet. Just a new domain & info :),” Dotcom tweeted.

Dotcom has taken lessons from Megaupload shutdown, and he doesn’t want to repeat them in his new venture. Hence, Mega deploys the following principles.

  • Users of Mega will be able to upload , store and share files using the service, but all of it would be encrypted. Users can grant access to their files using unique decryption keys. This essentially keeps the Mega team out of the loop, and does not incur any liability on them.
  • Because of the encryption based storage and sharing method only the users will be responsible for their content, not the Mega team.
  • The service won’t use any U.S. based hosting service, domain registrar, or backbone service provider.
  • Dotcom has also said that Mega might grant access to content providers with rights to delete infringing materials if the Meag team is exempted from user action inflicted liability.

Dotcom has his reasons to play safe with Mega. Trail of the Megaupload case is still ongoing. FBI is not taking Dotcom’s new venture lightly, either. The traffic plunge on Mega’s teaser page confirms that. As Dotcom tweeted, “All FBI agents pressing reload hahaha….. We see their IP addresses. LOL!!!”

Kim Dotcom's Mega

Source: Reuters, Twitter

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