Facebook And Gmail Went Down Temporarily, Frequent Google Chrome Crashes Reported

Today it had been reported by a number of users that they were not able to access Gmail or Facebook. Moreover, within some time of Gmail outage, Google Chrome users also started reporting that their browser windows were repeatedly crashing. Thankfully, the problems have been resolved by now.

Facebook Outage

The problem with Gmail access was allegedly due to some kind of issue at one of Google’s data centers. It was resolved fairly quickly although a small number of users couldn’t access Gmail for hours. They took to Twitter to state whether or not they were able to access the website. Problems were also cited regarding access to Google Drive.

At nearly the same time, Facebook also ran into troubles. The company had apparently made some changes to its DNS infrastructure and ended up unwittingly disturbing users’ access to the website. While the main domain of the website was inaccessible, users were still able to reach Facebook by using a number of its sub-domains.

Again, users utilized Twitter to register how they were unable to access the social network. One wonders what would’ve been users’ primary choice had Twitter, too, went down together with Facebook.

Access to Facebook was resumed within fifteen minutes, which was far quicker than the time it took Google to fix the issues with Gmail access. The issue of Google Chrome crashes also persisted for a few hours and many speculated that perhaps it was somehow linked to the problem with Gmail.

Courtesy: RTT

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