Facebook May Buy Opera To Enter Browser Space

The social networking giant Facebook may enter the browser space by taking over an established browser maker. Pocket-lint has reported that Facebook wants to expand into the browser space and is looking to acquire desktop, tablet and phone browser maker Opera. None of the companies has issued any official response on this matter yet. However, TheNextWeb (TNW) has reported to gain access to some interesting developments.

TNW, mentioning an un-named source close to Opera, reported to gain two interesting insights on the matter.

1) Opera Software management is currently talking to some potential buyers for leading the company a part of a larger privately-held or public company rather than trying to keep growing the business independently.

2) Opera that was hiring employees has been stopped. It could be a sign that something big is going to happen or Opera wants something big to happen.

Opera, which was established as an independent company in 1995, now have more than 750 employees and a strong executive team with its chief technology officer, Håkon Wium Lie. In the battlefield of the browser wars between Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Apple and recent released Yahoo’s Axis, opera is lagged behind. Moreover, its popularity is getting decreased compared to other browsers.

According to the Opera Software company, every month about 270 million people use Opera browsers. In March 2012, more than 168 million people used the Opera Mini browser. For Opera, it could be a great short-cut if it deals with Facebook for regaining its position and popularity.

On the contrary, Facebook is the most popular social networking site but unfortunately it has no proprietary browser like Microsoft, Google, Apple or Yahoo. A Facebook browser could be a great success given the company’s 900 million+ users. It will open new revenue opportunities and ensure Facebook’s dominance in the social space with built-in features and services promoting the social network.

Till now, everything is not clear. But another acquisition by the cash rich newly public company would not be unexpected. What do you think about Facebook buying Opera? Write your comments below in the box.

Source : TheNextWeb
Thanks To : Pocket-lint

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