First-Ever Commercial White Space Internet Coming To California

White space refers to the unlicensed bands on the radio spectrum. Back in 2008, FCC allowed the use of this unlicensed spectrum so that companies can discern the TV frequencies that are being used and then push broadband services through white space. The first-ever commercial internet connectivity service, using white space, is now coming to California.

White space high-speed internet

The service is being offered by in El Dorado County, where thousands of residents have no access to high-speed internet. Thanks to the high-speed internet provided by, users in El Dorado County will finally be able to get speeds of 2 to 4 Mbps.

According to the CTO of, Ken Garnett, “Over 59,000 residents in our rural service area have had little or no quality Internet access. When I discovered Carlson, their White-Space network equipment was a quantum leap ahead of all other contenders. This new product allows us to serve a large contingent of these people.” is partnering with Carlson to bring the service to the County.

The service is already available in limited regions of the County at a monthly fee of $54.95. has plans of expanding its scope and offering the service in other parts of the County as well.

Naturally, the residents of the County are overjoyed at the availability of high-speed internet. According to a local entrepreneur, “I’m finally able to keep tabs on my business from home. For 20 years we’ve had no decent Internet service were we live. Now we have superior remote access to our office computers, and can finally enjoy peace of mind while saving us many hours of driving.” Let’s hope that white-space spectrum is used by other vendors, too, to bring high-speed internet to remoter regions of the country.

Courtesy: CNET

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