Flickr Dishes Out A Secret ‘We’re Hiring’ Ad

If a company hid an ad for a job opening in the source code of a web page, how many people would possibly stumble across it? Our guess is, only the software and computer engineers who regularly go through the source codes will be able to discern it. Flickr has now dished out a clever ad, based on the very assumption.


The company recently redesigned its front page. So it is obvious that many engineers would be ravaging through the page’s source code, looking for different things or simply out of interest. The company has decided to capitalize on this by hiding a jobs ad in its front page’s source code.

Once you open the source code, the ad is visible right next to the <head> tag and it states ‘You’re reading. We’re hiring.’

Clearly, this is a neat trick by the company to entice only the relevant candidates to apply for the job. In other words, Flickr is looking for software and mobile engineers and doesn’t want any other candidates to waste the company’s time.

Source: Flickr source code

Courtesy: Business Insider

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