Following Online Ethical Norm, Google Chrome Will Start A Feature Of “Do No Track” Button

Internet privacy matter has really become an issue these days mostly due to the vague users’ accounts settings due to which they often get confused and leave themselves vulnerable to things they don’t want to be part of. The information they otherwise would want to keep private, they accidently share with the world. But aside from the complexity of these user’s settings for the accounts, there is also a debate about how and why social networking sites are using data from members for their own reasons and benefits. Though the language they use is expected to be explanatory, but often in their words, they end up having a double meaning, hence being open to interpretation of sorts.

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Recently, Google’s privacy setting has also come under fire of immense criticism. For this reason, Google has announced that it will include a new feature on its Google Chrome web browser, according to Digital Trends. The new feature will be called “Do Not Track” button in Chrome by which users can keep their navigation history all by themselves and Google will not make any use of such data. In fact, it will not be tracking users upon activation of this button. The tailored ads which at one time where thought to be a new development in marketing, as these could be according to a user would want to know about and would more likely be interested in buying than the ads which a user otherwise is not interested in.

But it has been known widely that these tailored ads come at the expense of a user’s browsing history to be revealed to online web services to deliver them. It is but obvious that a user would find that to be a transgression of his privacy. The new feature of “Do Not Track” button by Google Chrome is in keeping with what has been talked about since long by Microsoft. Now Google and Apple will follow suit by offering more noticeable privacy disclosers in their apps and services, which is in fact a huge step by them from something that they were so keen on doing for the shear reason of earning profits from advertising companies.

The lesson in ethics has been driven home rightly. The exact date of the release of this new privacy option has not been decided yet. But despite its activation, a user would still see ads, just that they won’t be an the expense of trespassing his privacy.

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