Black Friday Musters $1.93 Billion In Online Sales, 15.6% Via Tablets

Every year, retailers make a windfall profit during the holiday season which is marked with Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. This year, record online sales to the tune of $1.93 billion were mustered on Black Friday.

Black Friday sales

Adobe Digital Index 2013 has released the numbers for both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. According to its data, Thanksgiving Day sales mounted up to $1.06 billion. The interesting part is that a major part of this online shopping spree was done through tablets and smartphones, highlighting the rising influence of mobile devices in our lives.

As with previous years, iOS-based devices drove a huge part of this sales. To be specific, purchases by iOS users totalled $543 million in online sales of the two days combined, whereas those of Android users was a mere $148 million.

Interestingly, iPad was far more significant in the affair, compared even to the flagship iPhone. iPad was able to drive $417 million in online sales, compared to $126 million driven by iPhone users. In comparison, Android handsets were more popular than Android tablets during the holiday season purchases. Android handsets drove sales worth $106 million whereas Android tablets brought in a mere $42 million.

While this remains the data about the purchases, let’s see who benefited the most from the shopping frenzy. Amazon was apparently the most referenced retailer with nearly 45,000 posts about it. Walmart scored the second-highest mentions whereas Sony’s PlayStation 4 was also a highly popular topic, prompting some 300,000 mentions. It must be noted here that Microsoft’s Xbox One was far less popular a topic during the holiday season.

Commenting on this year’s online shopping trends, Adobe Digital Index’s Tamara Gaffney remarked, “Online shopping data shows that consumers took full advantage of their mobile devices to shop on Thanksgiving Day and ‘omnishop’ while in stores on Black Friday. In an attempt to play every angle possible, retailers poured money into new mobile capabilities by adding Wi-Fi to key stores, expanding mobile app offerings, and optimizing websites for easier transactions from small screens. The results were record online sales driven by tablets and smartphones this year.”

Source: CMO

Courtesy: TNW

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