Get Ready For The Digg Reader Launching Next Week

Ever since Google decided to shutter its RSS aggregation tool, Google Reader, users have been pining for a viable alternative. The Digg team had been preparing an RSS tool of its own and has now announced that it is on the verge of launching the Digg Reader.

Digg Reader

Apparently, Digg undertook the initiative after it discerned an overwhelming need for a proper aggregation tool, especially among what Digg calls the ‘power users.’ The great thing about this initiative is that the Digg team has decided to keep it all simple and focus on the key needs – an RSS tool that is fast, simple, easy-to-use and can import lists from Google Reader.

The team has now announced that the initial launch of the Reader will happen next week. Being touted as version 1, this tool will be introduced to a limited audience during phase 1. According to the official post on Digg blog, “We’re doing the launch in phases because, as you might have guessed, RSS aggregation is a hard thing to do at scale, and we want to make sure the experience is as fast and reliable as possible.”

Although the launch will be in phases, the Digg Reader will be made available to all users by June 26th. Within 60 days of launch, the team vows to focus on:

  • Android app.
  • Speed.
  • Integration with additional third party services (like Buffer, Evernote, and IFTTT).
  • Better tools to sort, filter and rank your reading lists and feeds, based on your networks, interests, likes, and so on.
  • Collecting and responding to user feedback.

Given these claims, and the past performance of the Digg team, one can finally hope that we will have a great alternative to the now outgoing Google Reader.

Source: Digg

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