Gmail Gets Tighter Integration With Google+

Google has been known for its appetite for novelty lately. So this week, they continued on the already paved road of introducing new features into Google+ and Google+ feats into their other services. Everything is getting closer and tighter with Google, it seems!

Engineering director Mark Striebeck posted about the news on the official Gmail blog saying that the company is introducing some new integrations with Google+ that he thinks will make Gmail and Contacts even better. Let’s assume you are a user of Google+. Now you can grow your circles, filter emails and your contacts directly to circles. All your contact information will be kept up to date, also there’s the famous option of sharing photos on Google+ through good old Gmail.

Now, when you open an email from somebody you know from Google+, he can automatically see your recent shared posts and even if they are not in your Circles, they can now easily be added there from Gmail. Furthermore, if the user’s contacts have a Google profile, their contact info in Gmail will be automatically updated with the information found on the profile, including phone number, email, home addresses and more. And if they change in the future, the user gets the changes right away.


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