Samsung Launches Milk Music Internet Radio For Galaxy Devices

There are a whole lot of online music services and internet radios already available. Ignoring that, Samsung has decided to go forth and launch an internet radio of its own called ‘Milk Music.’ This service is exclusive to Galaxy devices.

Milk Music

‘Milk Music’ is absolutely free and as soon as Galaxy users download and install the app from Google Play, they can start listening to music without the need of any sign-ups. This is an excellent feature which lets Milk Music offer a comparatively better experience right from the start.

According to Samsung, the service is limited to Galaxy devices for now. These include Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, Note 3 and different models of Galaxy S4. Upcoming Galaxy S5‘s users will also be able to use the app. Milk Music comes with a selection of nearly 13 million songs which are divided along different genres and stations.

The catalog of songs itself has been selected by Slacker for Samsung and a special feature in the app called ‘Spotlight‘ shows the trending stations handpicked by Slacker and Samsung. Probably the most stand-out thing about Milk Music is its interface. As soon as you launch the app, a large, round dial comes up on the screen with nine stations positioned all around it. The interface is neat and at the same time, very elegant, beating others in the arena.

Milk Music

Another interesting feature of the service is that it remembers up to 500 last played songs. So if you want to go back to any song that you listened earlier, you can simply access it by visiting ‘History.’ According to Samsung’s Chris Martinez, Milk Music aims to resolve a number of problems with online music experience, “The first is that, music setup is often long and painful.┬áSecondly, there are often too many ads and interruptions. Third, songs that play over and over due to a limited catalog.”

Finally, Samsung isn’t offering any ads on Milk Music and is trying to make it out as simply a value-added service for Galaxy users. That is certainly a very enticing feature and may help Samsung reach out to a millions of users.

You can download and install the Milk Music app here.

Source: Milk Music

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  1. Tsais

    Only 3 U.S. models of the Galaxy Note 2 are permitted by Samsung to install this app.

    Every other Galaxy Note 2 user is being told they can’t install it.


    At the same time, users of “generic S3” and “generic S4” and “generic Note 3” models can use the software.

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