Google And Microsoft Fighting To Give Free WiFi Service In The UK

Two tech giant Microsoft and Google are currently in discussions with the UK government and regulatory officials for the use of the nation’s unused wireless spectrum known as “white space.” The two tech giants “extreme interest” have led to speculation that one of the companies might provide a free Wi-Fi service in the UK.

Wi-Fi Image, Image Credit: Google

White spaces are used as buffers to prevent the broadcasting medias like television and radio and the the mobile operator’s mobile signals from interfering with each other. Telecoms regulator Ofcom wants to roll-out of white space technology by next year. And therefore it is lobbying the government to give it the power to decide which companies will be allowed to use it. On the other side, Microsoft and Google have kept themselves busy discussing with the UK government and regulatory officials so that they give them the permission to create a Wi-Fi service in the UK.

Neither Google nor Microsoft have revealed their plans or strategy about the discussion. But it’s being expected that if Google gets the permission to use white space, the it may offer free wi-fi services to customers. However, it’ll be interesting to see the range, speed and how widespread the white space Wi-Fi availability will be when it will be available. Some people think it could be the magic bullet for the rural broadband problem. Keep an eye on our website. We’ll keep updating you as soon as we get any update about it.

Source : Telegraph

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