Google Drive Cloud Storage May Be Launched In Early April

We have been hearing about Google Drive, the cloud storage service from Google, for quite some time. The company hasn’t given an official date as to when the launch of this service is going to be. But now, ‘inside sources’ have revealed that we can expect Google to unveil the service by early April this year.

According to a ‘well placed’ source, which we are assuming may be a Google personnel, it has been related to GigaOm that the April launch of the service will come with 1GB of free storage while the users will have the option to purchase more storage space. Also, the service will include a local client and a web interface quite like Google Docs. Moreover, Google Drive will come with a domain-specific Google Apps version.

Some tech enthusiasts had hinted earlier that Google may also be developing an API for third-party apps, and now the aforementioned source has affirmed this. Given the fact that in the past, a number of release-date rumors have been flung regarding Google Drive which eventually proved false, this scoop can’t be trusted to be absolutely true.

But what does make sense is that Google may be ready to launch the service with half as much free space as Dropbox, which comes with 2GB of free space, and then entice the users with the major incentive to be able to build Google Apps.

Image courtesy brion.

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