Fake FBI Alert Leads To A Man’s Arrest Over Child Pornography Charges

Child pornography is a serious offense, although it is often hard to pin down individuals who indulge in the crime. However, matters were made easier for police in Prince William County when Jay Riley received a fake FBI alert while visiting a child pornography site. Fooled by the alert, he went over to the police station and was apprehended.

Child pornography suspect

Pornography sites often display pop-up messages which are usually a scam. In the case of Riley, a pop-up message told him that FBI had found him watching child pornography and that he was supposed to pay fine over this charge. Oblivious of the fact that this was a fake message, Riley went over to the Prince Willian County police.

At the local police station, he tried to confirm as to whether or not he was indeed required to pay fine over the said charge. He also provided his computer to the police in an attempt to make things clearer, both for him and the authorities.

Police then allegedly found child pornography on his machine. This confirmed the charges, even when the so-called FBI alert that Riley saw was actually a ransomware. As a result of the evidence found on his computer, Riley has been put in jail and three charges of child pornography have been lodged against him.

The authorities later searched his home and reportedly found more evidence that implicated him in the charges that have been leveled against him.

Courtesy: CNET

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