Google Fiber Gigabit Internet Expands to Olathe, Kansas

Another city in Kansas has come under the coverage of Google Fiber – Olathe, Kansas. It is the third city to get Google’s 1 Gbps internet connectivity.

Google Fiber TV box

The announcement came from Google Fiber’s Community Manager, Rachel Hack. The announcement said, “Another city in the Kansas City area is getting the chance to join the growing Silicon Prairie.” Hack also hinted that more such announcements will come in future for residents of Kansas City area.

Before Olathe, the cities to have Google Fiber connectivity are Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City Missouri. The cities next in line are Kansas City North and Kansas City South in Missouri, and Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods in Kansas.sss

Google currently offers three data plans to consumers – first is the $120/month Gigabit data and TV, second is $70/month Gigabit data, and third is a $0/month 5Mbps data (with $300 installation charge). I guess, you’re already thinking about moving to Kansas city like me.

Thanks to: Forbes

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