Google Has Applied For .Google, .Docs And .Lol Domain Extention

In 2008, The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers unveiled its project to expand the total number of generic top-level domains. This was a huge news for the web since the generic top-level domains have remained fixed in numbers for a long time and with this new project, the possibilities of a lot of new generic domains was to be explored.

A lot of companies, naturally, lined up to lay their hands on this sale of generic domains. The sums to get a top-level generic domain is obviously quite hefty. For instance, to apply for a domain, one must pay a $185,000 evaluation fee along with $5,000 upfront.

It has now been revealed that Google has also been going after a number of generic domains. Some of these are quite obvious, domains such as .google and other domains which are quite directly related to Google’s businesses, such as .docs.

Google has a number of very successful web ventures and one of these is YouTube, the most visited video sharing website online. Google has also applied for a .youtube domain so that users can more easily reach YouTube videos and channels.

The most interesting part is that Google is also trying to lay its hands on a rather unusual domain name, .lol. Google says that it laid its hands on ‘domains we think have interesting and creative potential, such as . lol.’ This means that Google has some fun plans for the .lol domain in case it is able to acquire it.

According to Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, ‘By opening up more choices for internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse — and perhaps shorter — signposts in cyberspace.’

Source: Google Blog

Courtesy: Wired

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