Google Chrome Updates

Google released the latest and more of its Chrome Browser for Windows PC. Chrome browser users will now have access to more than 1,500 extensions available at the Chrome browser extension gallery. in case you’re not aware are just like Firefox’s add-ons or plug-ins. It adds useful functionality to the Chrome browser. An example of Google Chrome extensions include notifications.
The latest version of Google Chrome OS for Windows PC also has bookmark sync. This feature allows you to sync your Google Chrome browser across all the computers you use.Other features that the latest release of of Google Chrome OS for PC include – integration of new HTML5 APIs such as LocalStorage, Database API and more.

You can read more about today’s stable release — including performance improvements — on the Google Chrome Blog. Or if you want a look under the hood at what this update means for web developers including new HTML and Javascript APIs, go to the Chromium blog.
To those using Google Chrome on Linux, extensions are enabled on the beta channel. And for those using Google Chrome for Mac, hang tight — we’re working on bringing extensions, bookmark sync and more to the beta soon. Those currently using the stable version for Windows will be automatically updated within the next week.

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