Google Introduces Smart Voice-Activated Search

Google has been innovating and improving its search engine for a long while now. The company diligently adds new features to its search and that is the very reason why Google continues to be the top search engine. Now, the company is on the verge of enabling smart voice-activated search.

Ok Google

The ‘Star Trek’ computer is the ideal for Google. The company apparently wants to take its own systems to a similar level of sophistication. To that end, Google is now bringing voice-activated search to all Chrome users. The feature is very convenient and cool in that you can activate it by simply stating ‘OK Google’ within the listening reach of the computer.

This would activate voice-based search online. You can follow the aforementioned keyword with the search terms and it would start searching up the relevant results. Google has also introduced a similar functionality in Glass. You simply say ‘OK Glass’ and then you tell Glass which of the designated functions it should perform. You can then say out loud tasks such as ‘Record a video’ and Google Glass will start recording one.

Google promises that the new features for Google search will become available to Chrome users within the next few weeks. But the company wants to take things to the next level. According to Google Senior Vice President, Amit Singhal, “We would pretty much anticipate the next question you are going to ask.”

Courtesy: CNN

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