Google Makes Spam Official With Gmail Redesign!

Google recently rolled out a redesign for the mobile as well as the web version of Gmail inbox. The new design makes it really convenient for users to organize mail neatly. However, with the introduction of the new ‘Promotions’ tab, Google has also started dishing out ads to the users, a practice which borders on online spam.

Gmail Promotions tab

The new Gmail inbox displays emails under three different tabs. These include the Primary tab, displaying mails from family and friends; the Social tabs, which includes such mails which are from different social networks; and finally, the Promotions tab which is actually meant to include such mails as LivingSocial updates etc.

However, it has been discovered that Google plans to send out ads to the Promotions section. These ads will look just like regular emails and you may accidentally end up sending them to your contacts. In other words, this is a rather glorified way of paddling online spam.

Google has tried to reassure the users by stating that it will only offer relevant ads through emails and will flag such emails with a light yellow color so that users can easily identify them. However, it would still be fairly annoying to get such ads on a regular basis and many analysts have speculated that in time, Google may turn the free Gmail inbox into a hardcore freemium business.

Courtesy: Biz Journals

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