Google Now Provides Direct Answers To Natural Language Queries

Google has been ramping up the performance of its search engine by enhancing the search algorithm so that it would furnish precisely the results a user is looking for. This is not possible without a close enough understanding of the natural language – and now, Google has improved the performance of its search in response to natural language queries.

Google natural language queries

These improvements are very helpful in that they enable the search engine to understand what exactly the user is looking for. For instance, if you state a whole calculation in plain language, the search algorithm is able to understand that and calculates it right away.

Moreover, you can also give Google complex queries which comprise of both mathematical calculations and plain language calculations such as ‘139 mm + 14 cm plus nineteen point five millimeters.’ Google is able to understand both kinds of denotations and then calculates them to directly provide an answer.

Similarly, you can ask the search engine in natural language to do all kinds of conversions for you. You may not even know the units of conversions and still Google’s search algorithm will be able to process your query. For instance, if you punch ‘US dollars to Bulgarian’, without knowing what is the name of the currency in Bulgaria, the search results would provide you directly with the results showing what is the equivalent of 1 U.S. dollar in Bulgarian currency.

These enhancements in Google’s search algorithm will bring it one step closer to provide the users with the exact answers to their queries.

Source: Inside Search

Courtesy: Google System
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