Google Personalized Search By Introducing Search Plus Your World

No matter other products by Google get a following or not, Google search does keep getting better and more awesome. In this latest feature introduced by Google, Google has introduced a major feature to search results. The feature is hailed as Search, Plus Your World.You can now choose to have your personal photos, profiles and information as well as that of your  friends and family, appear in your own personal search results. You will get only those items in the results that your friends and family have shared with you. This means Google search will now also incorporate what is most important and useful to you.

This is how it works. Earlier, when you googled something, you only go the results from the public pages on the web. No more. Now you can also get results from Google+. Here’s how.

More personalized results:
For example, let’s say you are searching for ‘turkey recipes.’ Earlier, you would only get results from other public pages on the internet. But now, you will also get results from your own profile on Google+. For example, you wrote a post two months ago about a Turkey recipe at Google+. Now that post will automatically be a part of the results. And don’t worry, these results from your profile will be displayed only in your own search and no one else’. In this way, you get a very personalized experience of web search.

Photos and profiles from Google+:
Now let’s suppose you are searching for images about ‘rainbow.’ And that one of your friends on Google+ once shared an image of a rainbow but you don’t know that. No worries. As soon as you search for ‘rainbow’ on Google, you will have that photo your friend shared on Google+ in the results. This means that all such photos, videos, notes, articles that your friends on Google+ shared with you will appear in your results. Also, the profiles in your Google+ will also appear in your search results. This is hugely useful and beneficial and truly marks a new era of web search.

Security and customization:
If you are worrying that now your personal data will be available to everyone during web search, don’t worry. Because this is not the case. Rather, every person will see, in the search results, only that data which is personal to his own self or shared with him. In this way, everyone will get different search results. Moreover, if you don’t like the feature or want to opt out of it, Google has provided a toggle button on the search page where you can click it and opt out of it.

Image courtesy Sean MacEntee.


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