Google+ Public Posts Found Google Social Search

If you are an early adopter of the Google+ social network, be careful what links you are posting on the service and your Google+ public posts being inserted into social search results. Google has started to intertwine public posts made on Google+ with search results and when a user is signed into any Google service and performs a search, they will see annotations about links shared on Google+ from their friends and connections of friends…………


Google will start to populate individual users’ search results with posts that have been shared publicly by their connections on Google+ and the move is another sign that our social networking statuses are seeping into all other areas of the web. The feature is actually pretty useful if you’re looking for relevant results and this is an obvious and expected step, since Google already annotates results with results from shared social posts on services like Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s also a smart move as Google continues to try to siphon users away from Facebook and other services. Google also is besting Microsoft’s Bing by incorporating social into search. As Google writes on its Inside Search blog, if you’re signed into your Google Account, your search results may start including annotations about those links being shared publicly by people you are friends with (or at least connected to) on Google+. Google is careful to emphasize, however, that only public posts are visible in the search results. When you log into your Google Account and search for Uncle Zhou Queens in Google, you’ll see at the bottom of the relevant search results that your pal Andrew Hyatt shared that link on Google+.



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