Google Starts Building A Privacy Red Team

Google has been repeatedly criticized for having infringed the user’s privacy rights in many of its services. In fact, in the case of Google’s attempt to circumvent Safari’s privacy settings, the company had to pay up $22.5 million. Now, Google is building up a privacy red team to avoid such happenings in the future.

The main task of this ‘red team’ is going to be to extensively scour through Google’s products and services and see if they contain any privacy risks. Red team have been used by IT companies earlier. They are commonly tasked to discern the risks and security loop holes within products or services.

However, Google is not utilizing the concept to find any security loopholes. Rather, it is focusing this ‘red team’ on analysing its engineering as well as managerial decisions and products and see if any of them infringes user privacy rights.

The hints of this new red team have been found in a job ad about data privacy engineer that Google posted. The job posting read, “As a Data Privacy Engineer at Google you will help ensure that our products are designed to the highest standards and are operated in a manner that protects the privacy of our users. Specifically, you will work as member of our Privacy Red Team to independently identify, research, and help resolve potential privacy risks across all of our products, services, and business processes in place today. Top candidates will have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of modern web browsers and computer networks, enjoy analyzing software designs and implementations from both a privacy and security perspective, and will be recognized experts at discovering and prioritizing subtle, unusual, and emergent security flaws.”

This clearly shows that the search giant seems to have learned from its past mistakes, and is trying hard not to make any more blunder which may result in having to cough another few million dollars.

Source: Google Jobs

Courtesy: Threat Post

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