Google Starts Project Of 1Gbps Internet In Two U.S. Cities

Google has finally starting building a 1Gbps internet connection In two U.S. cities. This will be the fastest internet connection to a domestic populace anywhere in America. The two lucky cities who will enjoy the facility include Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Google will accomplish this by serving thousands of citizens in both cities with an ultra-high speed fiber-optic internet connection.

According to Google, it has taken into consideration a number of factor in choosing the two cities. The major reason why Google finally chose the two Kansas cities was that a huge number of people from these cities had requested Google. In fact, a number of events endorsed by city governments in the two cities were meant to capture the attention of Google. And they did.

The company says that it has gone through all the important factors that will be involved in building the fiber-optic backbone. From utility poles to surveying neighborhoods, Google has carefully considered it all. Now that the company has completed it’s extensive planning phase, it is now starting building the fiber-optic cable along telephone poles to the two cities.

Such a high-speed internet is not available to any residential citizens around U.S. So this makes the project a first of it’s kind. It will be 10 to 20 times faster than the internet service that is being offered by Verizon and about 100 times faster than the average internet connection used by most Americans. In a way, citizens of these two cities have hit a jackpot as they are about access one of the fastest internet connections.

Image courtesy karitsu.

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