Google Introduced +1

Google announced Wednesday that it has created website partnerships for its recently released +1 button and the ability to embed the button on pages across the web, sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, The Huffington Post, Best Buy and Nordstrom will now have a +1 button on pages so users can recommend products, news articles, and more to friends and family. The +1 button was introduced in March and allows users to recommend content to their associates directly from Google search results and  Google has been rolling out the +1 button into English-language searches………


Google has announced the expanded reach of its new sharing button the +1 option, introducing a version that websites can put on their site, alongside Facebook and Twitter’s dominating Like and Tweet This buttons. The button has little benefit currently, but it’s clearly part of the infrastructure for a bigger project — Google’s long-rumored social networking competitor to Facebook. It’s like putting a way to fill your cart before the cart and horse. The button allows signed-in Google users to recommend the page to their friends and contacts, who can see the vote and a thumbnail photo of the voter if the page shows up in search. Early partners include media outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, The Washington Post and Mashable, and the widely used sharing plug-in ShareThis, which makes a sharing toolbar bloggers and publications can just drop into their site. Extending that reach, the button will also be on YouTube videos, next to apps in the Android Market, on Blogger blogs, and on its shopping search site. Google introduced the “+1″ button on its U.S. search pages in March, but the problem with the button was immediately evident. In order to like a search result, you’d have to either know before clicking on it that you liked it, or you’d have to visit the page, and then return to the search page to vote it up. Google is positioning the +1 button as a way to add “social” features to search, adding a layer of recommendations on top of its powerful search algorithms, which are constantly handling sites using nefarious tactics to game their way to the top. Google has watched closely. And it’s going to fill the web with its sharing button, thanks to the power of its search engine. And then when (not if), Google announces its social network, your likes will already be there and the buttons will be there to add even more.



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