HBO Go Launched, Verizon FiOS Customers Can Enjoy At The Moment

HBO finally launched their online video hub HBO Go. Now you can watch over 600 hours of movies, TV Shows and many more on the internet. But it’s not free. You have to pay for this. I mean only the HBO subscribers or Verizon FiOS Customers can enjoy this service right now. though it is the phase of BETA version, movies and TV shows which can be streamed live and even in HD.


It’s pretty much like Hulu. HBO was on the game of online quite some time ago. HBO on Broadband has been available in select test markets since 2008, offering subscribers a way to access HBO content online via streaming video and download. In December, Comcast’s xfinity TV offered Comcast subscribers who also subscribe to HBO, Starz or Cinemax access to content from those premium channels via Comcast’s Fancast portal.

HBO GO is a different idea. You can browse the HBO GO website for movies, documentaries, original series and more, and choose content to watch or add to watch lists. HBO also allows you to create a Watchlist that serves as a bookmark for contents that you want to watch later. You can also get exclusive bonus material, soundtrack and cast information by setting up a Series Pass with notifications about new and upcoming HBO series episodes.

Once setup, you can now enjoy HBO programming not only at your home but anywhere there’s broadband connection in the U.S. Now here’s the exciting part. HBO Go allows you to create up to 3 simultaneous subaccounts per household. These subaccounts will enjoy the same browsing and viewing options while at the same time allowing parents to enforce restriction on certain programming with user-friendly parental controls.

Although Verizon FiOS customers are the first to gain access to this portal, there are clearly plans for it to open up to other cable operators and their HBO subscribers. Comcast people might be redirected to Fancast, but the same video’s available there. It should switch to the HBO site in the day or two.

Must-see original programming is what drives HBO subscribers — providing online access is a perk that will make people more inclined to tune in, but it’s the programming that is the big driver.

Source: Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, 901am, Mashable


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  1. Elias

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic Comcast has added all this content but the major flaw people noticed when they unveiled this at CES is still present. For the Live TV Streaming to work, you have to be sitting at home, where the TV is, within your personal wifi network. If I’m at home, I’m going to watch TV on my 52 inch HD flat, thanks. It’s when I’m anywhere else…work, out of town, stuck at the airport, whatever…that I need mobility. I don’t need mobility when I’m at home. As a DISH customer/employee I can watch Live TV on my phone, laptop, or tablet anywhere in the world I can get a 3G connection. THAT is how to do TV Everywhere.

  2. Dolf

    Why can’t Time Warner Cable customers access HBO GO over a year after its release?

    It seems customers from all the other providers (Verizon, AT&T, Cox) can access it.

  3. Argeli21

    Time Warner cable owns HBO but it’s not available to it’s subscribers. Does that make sense to anyone?

  4. Ck

    Time Warner is not the same company as Time Warner Cable. That really makes sense doesn’t it.

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