IE Market Share Increases Thanks To IE11, Firefox Loses Ground

Although Internet Explorer (IE) is currently the most used desktop browser, it was losing ground until a while ago. Between October and November though, IE11 gained market share, bumping up IE’s overall use.

Browser market share

By the end of last year, IE’s overall market share was looming somewhere near 55%. It was losing ground to other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. However, once Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform gained traction, IE11 became a popular choice among the users.

This has not only sustained IE’s market share but also increased it bit by bit. Between October and November, for instance, IE11’s market share increased to 3.27%. This has upped IE’s total market share from 58.22% to 58.36%. Incidentally, this is also the highest market share mark that IE has hit this year so far.

The interesting part is that most of the gain in IE11’s share comes out of other IE versions. In other words, IE11’s growth is not necessarily affecting other browsers. Instead, it is taking its growth out of the share of IE9 and IE10.

Firefox, on the other hand, tends to be losing ground. Although the Mozilla team served up the latest version Firefox 25 with a whole plethora of new features, Firefox’s overall market share dipped from 18.70% to 18.54%. Although Firefox 25 managed to increase its market share, the use of other versions of the browser fell.

Finally, during the last month, Chrome gained a very minute 0.03% of the market share reaching 15.44%. Despite Chrome 31’s growth by 6.77%, the overall growth was modest because other versions such as Chrome 30, Chrome 29 and Chrome 28 lost ground.

According to StatCounter:
Other browser market share calculations, such as the one done by StatCounter during November, pegs Chrome as the most popular browser around the world with a 41.87 market share. Somehow, that makes sense because Chrome has been immensely popular in recent months while Internet Explorer isn’t exactly the best there is. StatCounter estimated IE’s market share to be 27.31% whereas Firefox came in third with 18.15%.

Source: NetMarketShare/StatCounter

Image Courtesy: TNW

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