Internet Access Restored In Syria

Syria recently underwent a nationwide internet blackout as all internet traffic originating from the country ceased. It now seems that internet connectivity is getting back up in Syria. After a hiatus of two long days, Renesys has reported that internet has been restored throughout Syria now.


So far, the cause of the blackout could not be figured out. The rebels are blaming the government for having pulled the plug. Supporters of the Assad regime are pinning the blame on the rebels whereas the official statements claim that the outage was the result of technical issues.

In calling the move a covert act by the government, a number of international human rights organizations have sided with the rebels. The Syrian regime has been perpetuating a number of human rights violations and it makes sense if it wants to censor the web to somehow avoid leaking the news to the world.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t make sense for government to restore the internet blackout after two days if it did take it down. The claim that technical issues are to be responsible for this do carry weight in light of this new development.

Renesys, an internet-monitoring service, and CloudFare, a cloud-based service for a number of websites, have confirmed that internet connectivity has been restored across all of Syria as of now. Announcing this in a blog post, CloudFare states, ‘Traffic to the CloudFlare network from Syrian IP addresses appears to have returned to levels seen prior to the shutdown. Almost immediately after the first links were reestablished we saw traffic levels jump back up.’

Source: CloudFare/Renesys

Courtesy: Good Gear Guide

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