New Indian Prime Minister Sets Up An Online Victory Wall

If you have millions of followers on the social media and have just won the top political spot in one of the largest countries on Earth, what do you do? You set up a ‘victory wall’ online so that you can preserve all those congratulatory messages.

Narendra Modi

India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, won the recent elections in a landslide victory. Hailing from the Bharatiya Janata Party, Modi has formerly mustered huge political success in Gujarat during his earlier years. This was despite the fact that he was accused of turning a blind eye to riots in Gujarat which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Muslims, a minority in India.

However, Modi has been promising economic reforms for the middle class. Contrasted against the countless allegations of corruption leveled against Congress in the past few years, Modi’s slogans for an economic boom and ‘change’ have proven very popular, transporting him to the seat of PM with ease.

And as the congratulatory messages from his supports pour in, Modi wants to preserve them. So he has set up an online ‘victory wall’ where tweets using the hashtag #CongratsNaMo automatically appear. The feed is being updated constantly, also posting comments from Modi’s Facebook post mentioning the victory wall.

Given that he has 4 million Twitter followers as well as 14 million Likes on his official Facebook page, it is no wonder that the ‘victory wall’ keeps updating with more and more messages every second.

Source: Modi Victory Wall

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