MSN Messenger Shutting Down This October 31 After 15 Years Of Memories

Microsoft’s instant messaging platform, MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger), started its journey as a simple text chat service and a rival to AOL’s AIM service and ICQ in July of 1999. But lately, it’s been reported that MSN Messenger is getting shut down forever in China, and if the Chinese MSN Messenger users want to use it after its closure, then they will need to use Skype.

MSN Messenger

The MSN Messenger service came to China in 2005. But after Microsoft had bought rival Skype, it was switched off for most of the users in 2013. Somehow, Chinese MSN Messenger service users continued to use the old service. And now, Chinese-language site has indicated that Microsoft China will end the Messenger service on October 31.

Last Thursday, Microsoft sent emails to a number of Chinese Windows Live users, informing them of the planned closure. The emails told users they would get free Skype credit when they would migrate over to the new service. In other word, if the MSN Messenger users want to use the service further after Oct 31, then they need to transfer themselves to Skype by October 31.

Note that, the iconic 15-year-old Microsoft instant messaging service for desktops will finally be laid to rest after its closure was announced in China, the last market where it remains active.

Source: BBC

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