Not Happy With PRISM? Join ‘Operation Troll The NSA’

Are you stunned by the recent revelation of a State-backed NSA program called PRISM to monitor citizens? If you are stunned and angry, and want to let it out then “Operation Troll the NSA” is probably for you. Even if you managed to subside your frustration, you’ll still find it humorous to try.

Operation Troll the NSA

So, what is this Operation Troll the NSA? It is a campaign launched with the idea of jamming NSA’s systems monitoring citizen communication over the internet or telephone lines.

The minds behind the operation have designed a stock message describing a mundane day and draconian boss, only with trigger words of nefarious activities. The words, if read by a computer system without context, can indicate suspicious activities.

Here’s a snippet:

Hey! How’s it going? I’m all right.

My job is so shitty I wish could overthrow my boss. It’s like this oppressive regimewhere only true believers in his management techniques will stay around. I workmarathon-length hours and he’s made all these changes that have made it the worst architecture firm to work at in Manhattan. Like he moved the office to the Financial District and fired my assistant. She was the only one who knew where theblueprints were! I need access to those blueprints to complete my job! F my life, right? And he keeps trying to start all these new initiatives to boost revenue, but seriously we just need to stick to what we do best. There’s only one true profitcenter. I seriously feel ready to go on strike at any second.

I just read this article about how these free radical particles can cause the downfallof good health and accelerate aging. These could actually cause death to millions of Americans. If these particles are flying around undetected everywhere, does that mean we’re all radicalized?

The plan is to flood the internet with the message on June 12, 7:00 PM EST. Interested people are requested to spread the message to their friends on the given date and time. If NSA system is indeed monitoring our communications then the trigger words in the message may overload the system and ‘jam’ it.

The minds behind the operation think of it as a cool way to protest against PRISM. If you are interested then head to The time remaining is slightly higher than 24 hours now.

Thanks to: Slashgear

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Manoj Pravakar Saha is an Editor of TheTechJournal. He was one the founding members of TheTechJournal. He was working for the telecom gear-maker Ericsson before joining TheTechJournal team. Manoj searches for meaning in this chaotic world. Find him on Google+.

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  1. Tsais

    You know, Prism isn’t designed to look for terrorists.


    This article would be a valid criticism, but the article makes a wrong assumption of who the NSA is looking for.

    If you consider that the NSA is actually looking for people who woke up to the fact that the U.S. government has been hijacked, then Prism is the perfect way to do so.

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