PayPal Starts Accepting Prepaid Gift Cards Just In Time For Holidays

The holiday season is here and countless online deals are enticing enough for us to open our wallets and indulge. PayPal has now started accepting prepaid gift cards which means you can use them in this year’s shopping frenzy.

Prepaid gift cards

Prepaid gift cards, even the ones with famous logos such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard are often declined by most e-commerce sites. This poses a significant problem to many users because such gift cards are quite common on holidays.

There is a workaround for this problem but that involves a lot of hassle. The good news are that PayPal has now started accepting prepaid gift cards. In other words, you can dust off all the valid prepaid gift cards you’ve been hording and use them to top up your PayPal funds.

Once you have the gift cards added to your PayPal money, you can then go on to purchase stuff with any merchant which supports PayPal. The company apparently researched into the whole thing and decided that there was enough demand for such a solution.

According to the post announcing the news, “After our customers voiced this particular pain point again and again, we knew we had to fix it once and for all. After months of research and investigations, we discovered a patent-pending and innovative way to allow the usage of prepaid gift cards so that you can seamlessly apply them to the purchase of products and services anywhere PayPal is accepted – just in time for the holidays!”

Source: PayPal

Courtesy: iClarified

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