Psy’s Gangnam Style Video About To Reach 2 Billion Views In YouTube

When Psy released his song ‘Gangnam style’ back in 2012, he had no idea it was about to turn him into a superstar. YouTube views of the video reached 1 billion, breaking all records, and are now poised to hit the 2 billion milestone.

Gangnam style

Gangnam style‘ amassed so many views, so rapidly, simply because it became more than a song. Soon after its release, it was turned into a meme-thing and people all over the world would dance the way Psy did in the song’s video. These enactments all over the globe would then be recorded and posted over social media, adding a feverish pitch to the popularity of the song.

Since then, Psy has become a global icon and has been interviewed by a number of internationally-renowned shows and platforms. What’s very interesting is that although we no longer hear a lot about ‘Gangnam style’ over social media sites these days, the song itself keeps adding more views to its total tally on YouTube.

For instance, the original video hit the 1 billion milestone back in 2012. Two years later, the video is about to reach 2 billion views which will be yet another extraordinary YouTube record. Above everything else, this shows that the song continues to draw a sizable audience despite the fact that it’s mainstream popularity has waned. To help you recollect what the craze was all about, here’s the video to refresh your memory:

Courtesy: Recode

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