Seven Months Since Its Launch, Google’s Knowledge Graph Grows Three Times In Size

When Google first launched its Knowledge Graph, it was fairly exciting for the users. This new feature promised to deliver more accurate results, factually and syntactically. Less than seven months later, the Knowledge Graph has been able to grow three times in size.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph essentially provides you direct answer to your queries, whenever it can. For now, the feature is limited to responding with factual answers and is unable to handle more objective search terms. However, given the pace at which it is growing, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a more intelligent version of it soon.

According to Google, when it first launched Knowledge Graph, the database defined relationships between 500 million objects and contained another 3.5 billion facts. It has been nearly seven months since. And in that time, the Knowledge Graph has grown to be a database of relationships between 570 million objects as well as 18 billion facts!

To keep track of the new objects and facts, Google has added seven new categories to the database. Also, the Knowledge Graph feature had been available to the English audience only, until now. But Google has started offering to a greater number of users now. The new languages that it will be available in Knowledge Graph include German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

The most interesting aspect of Knowledge Graph is that it grows with time and as it grows, it becomes more intelligent. By being able to handle a greater number of relationships and facts, it can discern objective queries more accurately. And that shall pave the way to a future where Google may finally realize its dreams of a ‘Star Trek’ computer.

Source: Google

Courtesy: CNET

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