After Burger King, Jeep’s Twitter Account Also Hacked

The last few days have been somewhat of a high-level hacking spree on Twitter. The accounts of a number of major companies were hacked, not to mention some companies who decided to feign being hacked. After Burger King’s account hack on Monday, it was Jeep’s turn on Tuesday.

Jeep Twitter account

The hackers who were behind these attempts seemed to be the same in both cases. They apparently wanted to simply slap rival companies’ logos on top of these Twitter accounts.

For instance, after the Jeep Twitter account got hacked, its background was replaced with a McDonald’s background. Then the hackers apparently had a change of heart and switched the Jeep logo on the account to that of Cadillac.

Both McDonald’s and Cadillac were quick to affirm that they were, in no way, behind these hack attempts. While the accounts were thankfully regained by the companies, the incidents cast a poor light on the security of the micro-blogging website.

If hackers can get access to such major accounts that easily, it does leave us humbler Twitter users in fear of the security of our accounts. Twitter recently hinted that it is working on better security measures, possibly a two-step log in verification method, to improve the security of the site.

But the implementation of such measures seem still a while away. The company needs to speed up the process so that incidents like the hacking of Jeep’s Twitter account could be avoided in the future.

Courtesy: TNW

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