Google+ Gets Larger Cover Photos, Local Reviews Tab And More

Google+ users earnestly requested the ‘social network’ to bring some changes in its looks. Their requests have been granted. Yesterday, Google announced a number of updates to Google+ in the browser, including the addition of a new “Local reviews” tab, a sleeker and easier to edit “About” tab, and larger cover photos.

New Google+ Profile Picture Feature Larger Cover Photos

Users of Google+ have long been asking for updated profile aesthetics as well as updated page design in Google+. So, on Wednesday, March 6, Google launched some profile and page updates. From now on, individual profile “cover photos” will display at a maximum resolution of 2120 x 1192, and the images will be displayed in 16:9 format when clicked.

On the other side, users will find a shortcut tab to the Google+ sidebar for Local reviews. Besides, users can edit their profile more easily than before. The About tab has been split into separate sections (Story, Places, Links, etc) and each can be edited separately. Privacy controls can be set for each individual field, in case users don’t want all of their circles following their recent explorations.

At present, Google is bringing the change “gradually,” so if you can’t see the updates now, you’ll have to wait a little bit in order to see them.

Source: Sara McKinley (Google+)
Thanks To: Digital Treads, CNET

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