Another Facebook Scam Threatens Profile Deletion

Given the immense popularity of the social network Facebook, it isn’t a surprise that every other day, a new Facebook-scam surfaces on the web. The freshest in the series is a scam which asks the users to give their personal details. And it threatens that if these details are not submitted within 24 hours, the user profile will be deleted.

Hoax used to steal personal, financial information:
The scam is initiated when the user receives a message, supposedly from Facebook which states that the user has been involved in some kind of illegal or offensive activity which is contrary to the regulations of Facebook. The message then goes on to say that the user is required to submit his/her personal and financial information other wise the account will be disabled within 24 hours.

A number of users may fall as victims to this scam. A link is provided in the message where the user is required to submit the required information. When the user is taken to that page, the page says that the user account has been disabled and provides space for the user to submit certain information. Although the page looks like official facbeook page, it is of course a fake.

According to analysts, this information, gathered from the user can be misused for a number of things. It will enable the hacker, for instance, to gain access to a user’s profile and then use the profile to message contacts asking for personal information. Also, the financial information asked for, such as credit card numbers, can be used to perpetuate online theft.

Facebook users are warned that this is just a scam and that they should be very careful when clicking on such links.
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