Facebook Demands $710,000 Per Day For Logout Ads

Facebook is in almost desperate need to promote its very new idea of logout ads so that its advertising side could jump off to a good start. So far it has not met with much success. It might have to do with the high price for advertising Facebook has kept. According to a rumour reported by ZDNet, Facebook is asking for $710,000 per day for logout ads. But this is something that Facebook has not been openly acceptable about. Since, it might depict Facebook as a greedy giant wanting to accumulate more.

Thus, rumours are circling around that this is case due to which Facebook had never openly mentioned its price or charge for logout ads per a single day. The price has been rumoured to be $550,000 + $160,000 = $710,000 and Bing, Mustang, and Titanic have actually paid all this much just to be featured while users logout of the social networking site. By asking this high a price, Facebook is actually trying to put itself amongst the category of most expensive online display properties. Logout ads come with premium homepage ads that users see while surfing on the site in their News Feeds.

This has actually limited the possibility of having other businesses who cannot afford to spend that much amount to not feature in the logout ads. Only big technology companies like Microsoft can do that because of which Facebook has made it the first customer on its new logout ads. Microsoft advertised with Bing with an interactive search box. Despite the fact that logged out users might not be interested to see what is on the logout page on Facebook, but then when they will logout, that is only thing which they would see.

The latter possibility is something that has attracted advertisers who could afford to spend more and in that Ford and Mustang as well as Titanic in 3D release has also been featured. But with regards to the price, if it remains that expensive, one would see a product advertised that may be most Facebook users will not be that much interested in. Not every day a user can afford Ford or Mustang or buy a Microsoft product.

It really does seem like a waste of money on part of the companies spending in ads on Facebook’s logout page. But Facebook will surely benefit a lot monetarily. But it seems to be bad advertising that too of an expensive product, it does not seem to achieve the target.


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