AT&T Criticized Over Product Placement In 9/11 Tribute

A day ago, U.S. was officially commemorating the 12th anniversary of the tragic incident of the 9/11 attacks. At the occasion, a number of ceremonies were brought together to remember the tragedy. AT&T launched a 9/11 tribute of its own but now, the company has been accused of product placement in the tribute.

AT&T 9/11

The social media was abuzz with 9/11 tributes yesterday and AT&T tried to push out a tribute of its own which showed off a smartphone recording 9/11 memorial lights. To go with it, the caption was ‘Never Forget.’

However, as soon as the image was out, a barrage of criticism was directed towards the wireless carrier. The users accused the company of ‘product placement’ in the tribute, citing how the company is showing off the smartphone it carries, veiled within the 9/11 message.

For instance, one of the social media users stated, “Not an occasion for product placement, AT&T.” Before soon, the criticism had gained a lot of traction and AT&T had pulled out the post which, it stated, ‘was solely meant to pay respect to those affected by the 9/11 tragedy.’

The image, one must admit, does indeed appear like product placement. And especially for an occasion remembering the tragic incident of 9/11, it was certainly in bad taste.

Courtesy: AT&T

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