BBC Starts News Control Panel On Its Facebook Page In Beta Phase

BBC has taken News Feed on Facebook a bit to an advance level with users of the social network. On its Facebook page BBC has launched News Control Panel in beta phase. This gives more control over the news content they are interested to see in their News Feed from BBC according to ZDNet. This will make BBC News Feed more personalized and the biggest advantage it has is, a user does not has to scroll down his or her News Feed to see the content from BBC.

This is a new style that BBC has first adopted. It might get successful and there is no reason why it should and start a trend of its own which will then become a standard with other news networks on Facebook. Users who have Like BBC Facebook page and follow it will get a control panel of options that will allow them to select their favourite BBC correspondents, programmes and the latest headlines from the subject they are interested in. Depending on a user’s location the options given will change.

Currently, BBC Facebook page posts short headlines and updates. But the news broadcast company is considering to post longer posts and to promote feature stories, graphics and other videos from its main sight. What is the better way to put news than to make people comfortable with what they want to be informed about rather be told that this or that is happening. This also removes a bit of a controversy over how much news could be put into a given space and which news should make it.

Now that the News Feed has been personalized on Facebook, it will give users a chance to choose the news they wish should be covered. Now that is actually what is happening. They can personalize and see it covered rather than complaining why it has not been given the space. In the news business space of time and in newspapers of columns and pages is what also matters, especially given the space taken by headlines.

BBC also wants to change with the changing news media these days and it is the reason why it did it. Less than 50% of the 8 million visitors to the BBC News website see the front page every day, most just arrive at stories from different other sources through social networks, search engines or from an e-mail. You can let BBC know what you think about it through BBC News Control Panel on Facebook.


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