Study Results Say Twitter Is More Tempting Than Sleep And Sex

If you’re hooked to the social media, what is that one urge you immediately get the moment you hear of a breaking news, an interesting story or a new research? That’s right, you tweet! That’s one single urge that is driving the entire social media insane. And now a research confirms this. According to the research, those who are into tweeting find twitter even more tempting than sleep and sex! That explains that endless traffic on Twitter, doesn’t it?

This study is a result of an experiment that was carried out by a team at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. The study encompassed about 200 people located in the German city of Wurtzburg. In the research, these participants were pinged seven times every day through their BlackBerrys. They were asked, in each ping, to tell what was the most intense desire they had experienced in the last 30 minutes. In this way, the team was able to gather thousands of ‘desire-episodes.’

Now, in light of the results the team gathered, it was able to conclude that people found it easier to resist temptation of traditional desires of sleep, sex, coffee, alcohol etc. But resisting tweeting was the hardest for them and they often gave into the desire to log onto Twitter and start tweeting.

However, one important aspect in this regard is that tweeting is a desire that is low-risk, low-cost and easily accomplished compared to other desires such as sex or alcohol. You can virtually tweet at all times during the day, or night, but you can’t accomplish you other desires at all times. That may also explain the irresistible urge to tweet.

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