Bill Gates Sends Secret Santa Gift To Reddit User

Secret Santa is a yearly tradition when people send gifts to a complete stranger in the spirit of Christmas. This year, a lucky Redditor got to have Bill Gates as her Secret Santa, something which took here by surprise.

Bill Gates Christmas gift

When Reddit user NY1227 received her Christmas gift this year, she had no idea who had sent it. She simply participated in Reddit’s online Secret Santa gift exchange and when she received the gift, she initially thought it was just ‘some Bill’ who happened to be her Secret Santa.

Turned out it was the Bill Gates himself, who sent her a stuffed cow together with an inspirational note and a book. The note stated that a donation had been made, on her behalf, to Heifer International. The donation would be spent to purchase a cow which would be given to a family truly in need of it.

Secret Santa Bill Gates

According to the note added by Gates together with the gift, “This cow will be given to a family in need, in your name, through Heifer International. It will provide them with income and dairy products, and it will help them help themselves.”

Naturally, NY1227 was overjoyed and wrote on Reddit, “My god. Never in my entire life did I imagine, ever, ever, ever that Bill would get me. I am SO SO thankful for the time, thought and energy he put into my gift…I feel SO shocked and excited that not only did I receive a gift from Bill, but it was perfectly and EXACTLY tuned into my interests. My gosh, what a rush!

Source: Reddit

Courtesy: Mashable

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