You Can Now Block Other Members On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been rather slow in offering some very critical privacy options, but the company is getting there. A new feature now allows you to block other members on LinkedIn and ensure better privacy and greater control over personal data.

LinkedIn Member Blocking

Blocking other members is a feature that LinkedIn users have long been demanding. The primary reason for this is that the LinkedIn inbox is fairly notorious in that other members of the service keep spamming requests for recommendations, so-called job offers and such. For an average user, this is terribly annoying and until now, there was no solution to rid this.

Now that the member blocking feature is here, you can simply block any such person who is irking you or your inbox. Blocking a member means that he or she will no longer be able to send you connection requests or mail you any messages.

LinkedIn has also added another option called ‘Disconnecting‘ which simply lets you cut any connection with another member without blocking him. ‘Activity Broadcasts’ lets you determine the kind of updates from your profile which others can see. This feature ensures that users have better control over their ‘posts.’

Another very useful feature now offered by LinkedIn is ‘Profile Viewing.’ Typically, whenever you visit another person’s profile, he or she is alerted view LinkedIn that their profile has been viewed by you. Now, with the ‘Profile Viewing’ feature, you can even enable anonymous profile viewing, letting you scroll through profiles without alerting every user that you were there. For those looking for jobs or prospective employers, this can be a very useful feature.

Source: LinkedIn

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