Facebook Rolls Out Conversion Measurement Tool For E-Retailers

Facebook has been dishing out new features to attract online businesses and to help those already using the social network to better reach out to their audience. Now, Facebook is rolling out a conversion measurement tool which would let e-retailers see the number of purchases made by Facebook users who viewed their ads.


The new tool is very useful for such businesses which are seeking immediate return on their investments on Facebook. Whereas some businesses simply want to gain traction and create a brand-following on Facebook, others want to trigger their sales instantly.

And its the latter group that Facebook intends to serve with this new tool. The new tool helps the e-retailers see how effective their ads are and how significantly they impact their overall sales. Another reason why Facebook has launched the new tool is to show these e-retailers the effectiveness of running Facebook ads, and thus entice them to invest more in them.

According to a product manager for Facebook’s ad business, David Baser, “Measuring ad effectiveness and outcomes is absolutely crucial to all types of businesses and marketers.” The new tool gives these business a tangible metric to go by. It shows exactly how many people bought their products because of Facebook ads.

However, these business will not be able to discern the exact identity of the users who bought their products, since that would essentially breach user privacy. It is worth mentioning here that other, third-party apps, have also been offering similar functionality to online businesses.

Source: Reuters

Courtesy: Search Engine Watch


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