Burger King’s Twitter Account Hacked

Imagine some hackers were very hungry and wanted to have burgers at a fast food company for free. But that company didn’t agree; rather it threw them out with extreme insult. So the hackers decided to take revenge and hacked the company’s social media account. It’s just an imaginative story, though the last part is true. Fast food bigwig Burger King announced on Monday that its Twitter account was hacked!

Hack Of Burger King's Twitter Account

On Monday morning (PST) the profile picture of Burger King’s Twitter account had been changed to McDonalds’ logo as well as the cover photo and background replaced with McDonalds’ food. That’s not all. It also mentioned that Burger King “just got sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped.”

The Twitter accounts was suspended after sometime by the microblogging site on Burger King’s request. But prior to that, about 55 tweets and retweets were circulated, some of them with racial bias, drug references and obscenities The account was recovered later on Monday.

Burger King apologized to users. “Earlier today, our official BK Twitter Account was compromised by unauthorized users. Upon learning of this incident, our social media teams immediately began working with Twitter security administrators to suspend the compromised account until we could reestablish our brand’s official Twitter page. We apologize to our loyal fans and followers, whom might have received unauthorized tweets from our account. We are pleased to announce that the account is now active again,” said Thornton, a spokesperson of Burger King.

Meanwhile, McDonalds tweeted in response to the apparent hack: “We empathize with our @BurgerKing counterparts. Rest assured, we had nothing to do with the hacking.”

McDonalds Response About Burger King's Twitter Account Hacking

Another social media expert working at competitor Wendy’s tweeted, “My real life nightmare is playing out.” This marks the cyber security issues that are emerging in the social media space.

“Burger King” got back their access on Twitter account. They tweeted this –

Source: BBC, KLTA

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