Instagram Is Still More Popular Than Vine On Twitter

Recently, certain analytics published alongside reports suggested that Vine, the video-tweeting tool, has gained the upper hand on Instagram on Twitter. However, detailed analytics from Topsy now suggest that the impression is untrue and that Instagram continues to be far more wildly popular than Vine.

Instagram vs Vine

Facebook played a very deft card when it acquired Instagram. Instagram essentially has a user base that actively shares photos over all social networks. In other words, Facebook was able to ‘share’ a significant portion of user base with Twitter, where most of the photos come from Instagram users.

When Twitter launched Vine a while ago, many speculated that this was Twitter’s response to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Limited sets of analytics went on claiming that Vine had gained the upper hand on Instagram in terms of users.

More recently, Instagram came out with a video feature of its own, evidently in competition with Vine. The feature may not be as big as Vine in the video niche, but it certainly shows that Instagram is anteying up the contest.

In light of the most comprehensive analytics divulged directly by Topsy, Instagram has sustained its popularity on Twitter over time. Vine, on the other hand, was able to gain significant traction immediately after its release but in June, the popularity of the video-tweeting tool has started to dip. Given that Instagram’s video option was also launched in the same window, it is quite possible that Vine has taken an impact from Instagram.

Courtesy: Marketing Land

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